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Increasingly, human beings are seeking to optimize their health to achieve a higher level of wellness and self-awareness, not just the absence of disease.  They wish to integrate the best of modern Western medicine and holistic practices to achieve optimal function.

As an acupuncturist and board-certified physiatrist, I have many years of experience with management of persons with neck and back pain, arthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia and medical rehabilitation issues.  I can readily coordinate an appropriate treatment plan to address acute and chronic musculoskeletal and neurologic problems, and associated debility, and develop preventative measures to minimize the effects of chronic disease and optimize wellness in mind and body.

Coordinating the services of selected physical, speech and occupational therapists, physician specialists and holistic practitioners, I create a treatment plan with my patients. We address both short and long term goals, utilizing the best of Western medicine’s diagnostic tools, acupuncture skills, medicines if needed, and consultations to surgical, medical, rehabilitation and holistic practitioners to return the patient to optimal health and maximum function in their community.

Holistic counseling is available to help clients with chronic pain or medical issues choose which complementary practices in the community can optimize their mental and spiritual health while recovering from acute or chronic illness, with the least risk of musculoskeletal injury. 

I have found the key to optimizing patients’ improvement is to actively engage them in their own healing process: empowering them to discuss their progress and concerns with their therapist, actively engaging them in the home treatment plan between therapy sessions, and monitoring themselves closely for treatment progress, to best redefine goals with subsequent office visits. 
For patients with special rehabilitation needs, I work closely with therapists and vendors to obtain medical equipment, assistive devices and appropriate treatments to improve self care, safety in home and community, and preserve the dignity of the whole person. 

Discharge from active treatment coincides with entry into continued exercise and more holistic wellness programs in the community, with the patient welcomed back to integrated medical services when medical follow-up warrants.  

We encourage our patients to use our medical office as a resource center to best utilize the medical and holistic options in Princeton and surrounding communities.